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Capital Crime Charges Represent The Fight Of Your Life

Death is the ultimate punishment for a crime. It’s one thing to lose your freedom in jail, some of your money due to fines or some of your reputational equity; but your life is the one thing that you absolutely cannot afford to lose. If you are facing capital criminal charges, you are literally in the fight of your life.

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti in Manhattan, we defend clients throughout New York against capital crime charges. Attorney Anthony Cecutti and our team hold nothing back in these cases because we understand the severity of the penalty a conviction could bring.

Types Of Capital Crimes

Of course, New York has not had the death penalty in effect for more than a decade now, and death row has been disestablished for some time.

However, there are still federal crimes that can result in the death penalty. There are many federal capital crimes, most of which involve death to the victim. Most of the time, capital crimes on the federal level involve either the killing of a person in high government positions or particularly heinous forms of murder. Some examples include:

  • Intentionally wrecking a train, resulting in death
  • Violent sexual assault that results in death
  • Torture resulting in death
  • Killing a juror
  • Murder using weapons of mass destruction

There are many more examples of capital offenses on the federal level that can lead to the death penalty. Some nonmurder-related capital charges include espionage, treason and large-scale drug trafficking.

Comprehensive Help To Get You Out Of This

“I am more than just your attorney. I will fight aggressively to avoid the death penalty, and I will do everything possible to help YOU. With an advanced degree in social work, I can find the resources needed to help you get a fresh start in your life.”

  • Attorney Anthony Cecutti

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