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Strong White Collar Crime Defense

White collar crime charges are extremely serious. A conviction for a white collar crime could result in fines, jail time and other serious penalties. Not only that, but any criminal conviction can cause irreparable long-term harm to your life. It literally changes the course of your life. It is critical to fight these charges aggressively and work with a lawyer who knows how to defend your rights.

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti, we have a wealth of experience defending New York clients against all types of white collar crime charges. From our Manhattan office, we take a personalized, detailed approach to these cases. For each new case we handle, we put together a unique team of experts and assistants to provide the most comprehensive, effective defense.

White Collar Crimes

A white collar crime is a legal violation that does not involve violence or weapons. In the technological age, many white collar crimes involve computers and technological knowledge, but not always. Some of the most common white collar crimes include:

  • Fraud: Most white collar crimes are some form of fraud. Wire fraud, internet fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud and mail fraud are common examples.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement involves someone taking property that was entrusted to them and misappropriating those funds.
  • Securities crimes: These crimes can involve trustee misconduct, misrepresentation in the sale of securities and related crimes involving securities.
  • Intellectual property crimes: Stealing of someone else’s copyright, trademarks, business information or other forms of intellectual property are common examples.
  • Identity theft

Do not take any of these charges lightly. Make sure you work with an attorney you trust to fight these charges and to help you get a fresh start.

Mitigation And Rehabilitation

When we represent clients facing criminal charges, we want to do two things. First, we want to mitigate the initial damage. This means fighting aggressively to get the charge dismissed or, if the evidence is too strong, finding ways to reduce jail time, fines and other penalties associated with a conviction.

Second, we want to help the client find the resources needed to create a better future. There’s usually a root cause behind most crimes: addiction, financial problems or other issues. In addition to his legal qualifications, attorney Anthony Cecutti has a graduate degree in social work. Throughout his career, he has worked to help people get the resources they need to avoid these charges in the future.

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