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Defense Against Securities Crime Charges

Because of its exposure to unfair business practices and financial abuse, the securities market is heavily regulated at both the state and federal levels. It is much more difficult to pull off some kind of securities crimes than most people think. Further, because many people are unaware of some of the complex laws and regulations governing the securities market, they end up committing serious securities crimes unintentionally.

If you have been charged with a securities crime, do not panic. Yes, you are in a very difficult situation, but an experienced attorney can help you mount a strong defense and set you on a better future path. At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti in Manhattan, we provide strong defense against white collar crime charges, and we take a comprehensive approach to make sure our clients are best positioned for their futures at the end of their cases.

Securities Fraud Basics

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti, you will find an attorney who knows how to defend you against charges that include:

  • Misrepresentation: The most common example of this is “cooking the books,” or misrepresenting a publicly held company’s financial status to influence stockholders.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty: When an agent of a company takes the funds entrusted to them and misappropriates those funds, it is embezzlement.
  • Unauthorized trading: When someone trades stocks or bonds and they are not authorized to do so, it is a serious crime.

There are more examples of securities fraud as well, and the laws regulating the securities market are complex. It is critical to work with a legal team that knows how to fight these charges successfully.

Getting Out From Under These Charges

For anyone accused of a white collar crime, the most pressing matter is to get the charges thrown out or at least minimize the jail time and fines involved. But there is more to it than that. It is also important to help you find alternative sentencing options and resources to help you create a better future.

We do both. With experience as an attorney and a graduate degree in social work, attorney Anthony Cecutti focuses on helping the whole person. We fight the initial charges aggressively, and we do everything possible to find rehabilitation, education and other resources to help our clients get their lives on a better path.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your case. Call 917-741-1837 or email us to get your defense started today. We can help you.

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