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Federal Court Is A Different System

Federal crime charges are handled in federal courts. Most people know that. But many people don’t realize that the federal criminal justice system is very different from the state, county and local criminal court systems. If you are facing charges in federal court, you absolutely need a lawyer who has the specific experience and knowledge needed to help you.

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti, we have the knowledge and experience needed to fight the criminal charges you are facing. From our office in Manhattan, we handle everything from the smallest federal cases to federal capital crime charge cases. Attorney Anthony Cecutti and our entire team are dedicated to helping the whole person, so we will not only help you avoid criminal penalties, but we will also help you find alternative sentencing programs, rehabilitation options, and other resources to help you resolve the underlying problems you might be facing so you can get a fresh start in your life.

Handling A Range Of Federal Cases

We can provide strong, comprehensive criminal defense solutions against a range of criminal charges in federal court, including:

Any type of crime you might be facing in federal court, our attorneys can help you.

Weapons Offenses

Many criminal offenses involving firearms are prosecuted in the federal court system. We defend clients against federal weapons offenses that include:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm
  • Weapons theft
  • Illegal importing and trafficking of firearms
  • Firearm fraud
  • Violent crimes involving a firearm

We also fight for our clients’ firearm rights if they are in danger of being taken for a conviction of other crimes.

The Challenges Of Federal Crime Defense

Defending against charges in federal court is not the same as it is in state or local court systems. The rules of procedure and evidence are different and more complicated in the federal system. You need to make sure your attorney knows the federal system and has been through that process before, because, if your lawyer lacks that experience, it could result in a conviction for you that could otherwise have been avoided. Our head lawyer at The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti has knowledge and experience handling federal cases.

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