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Strong Defense Against International Crime Charges

If you are a non-U.S. citizen facing criminal charges in the United States or if you are facing international crime charges, you are in an unusually complex legal situation. There are complex problems of jurisdiction, extradition, choice of law and procedural issues that should not be left to a lawyer who lacks experience handling this type of situation. The stakes are too high to settle for less than the best defense possible.

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti, we provide strong criminal defense in international cases and charges against people who are not citizens of the United States. From our office in Manhattan, we take cases throughout New York. We have the experience and knowledge needed to help you through the complex legal landscape you find yourself in and help you get the best outcome possible.

Criminal Defense For International Crimes And Charges Against Noncitizens

In general, international criminal defense can fall into two categories. We represent clients in both situations:

International Crimes

There are numerous crimes like trafficking, distribution of illicit drugs or sexual material across international borders, and related crimes, that are considered international crimes. These cases involve complex jurisdictional issues. Which court hears the case? Could you be extradited to face charges outside the U.S. against your wishes? And if the case is heard here, it will almost certainly be in federal court, which is a completely different process than it is in the state system. We know how to navigate these complications to protect your rights throughout the process.

Charges Against Noncitizens

If you are a green card holder or a visitor from another country charged with a crime here in the United States, there are complex questions. What rights do you have here as a noncitizen? What types of punishments can be levied against you and what kind of defenses are at your disposal? Further, for green-card holders, certain criminal convictions could result in the loss of your immigration status and deportation.

At The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti, we have handled these complex cases before. We can help you navigate the system, protect your rights and help you avoid deportation if possible.

Navigating Extradition

We have represented and continue to represent people outside the U.S. facing extradition based on charges filed against them in U.S. federal courts.

Comprehensive Legal Services

We provide strong criminal defense, and we can also help you find any resources available to help you build a better future. Fill out our online contact form or call us today at The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti for a consultation with a lawyer. Mount the strongest defense you can.

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